Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence Review

YardMax is a great choice for dog fence system installation. The desirable features on the other PetSafe systems are even added with several features. Along with the system, it has lightweight and compact collars available on the market.

When it comes to the correction system, yardMax also contains excellent correction settings and the individual levels as well, depending on the needed level for the collars.

It is a perfect option for both individual and multiple dog households.

These peted dog training collars will be sure to last and perform well beyond their years.Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence

One of the desirable features of the system is the presence of “YardMax collar” which is compatible for the outdoor, indoor, and PetSafe barriers. The YardMax space-saving technology makes it different from any other fence system. The correction zone makes an extension outside the boundary in order to maximize the backyard space and create a challenge for the dog’s behavior. The PRO-grade system increases a more professional–grade burial wire, ground staples, dual function surge protector, and exceptional extended warranty.

YardMax system installation comes with helpful kits which include:

• Probe wrench
• 2 splices, 2 wire nuts
• Wall transmitter
• Collar charger
• 50 boundary flags
• Test light tool
• Short & long contact points, training caps
• Rechargeable collar
• Instruction guide
• 50 feet PRO grade 14-gauge twisted wire – this twisted wire is mainly used in order to connect a transmitter into the boundary loop. The fence installation will be done for a shorter period of time with the help of this type of wire.
• 500 feet PRO-grade 14- gauge wire – this has 45-mililiter polypropylene waterproof jacket which increases the protection from damage and total breaks.
• 10 PRO-grade staples- with the use of ground staples, the wire will be tightly attached within the installation.
• Heavy duty PRO-grade surge protection – this module will orient the customers about the necessary pointers which needs to be taken into consideration. The surge protection will secure the transmitter during electrical surges. Moreover, external surges can also be avoided by the surge protection kit.

The transmitter has individual features which contributes to the good operation of the entire fence system. It includes:

 Run-through prevention- is also a functional feature. With the presence of this, dogs can be warned when they reached the boundary zone. if the dog continue to run within the limits, he will be again corrected for a second attempt.
 On the YardMax mode, there is an expansion on the area where the wire is found so the boundary will not be reached by the dog. The entire system also have a 10-second timeout for the correction system to give way to the dog’s safety. The warning will help during the dog training sessions.

Being totally new electronic dog door system does not hinder YardMax from giving benefits to the customers. It has a great potential of becoming as excellent as the other dog fence systems. The existing features on the old fence systems are even improved by adding other desirable features. When all these features are combined, a great fence system will be very efficient.