Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Fence Review

Are you looking for a reliable electric dog fence which can cover lots of ground? Therefore, SportDOG SDF 100A In-Ground Fence is perfect for you. It can cover for up to 100 acres and has the highest range off coverage in any underground fence. It is also proven that it is the best choice for the people who have large properties living in rural places.

In addition, it has a strong collar which will stand up to the most rugged wear and tear, a dependable transmitter and it has the capability sin containing limitless number of dogs therefore it is obvious why a lot of people are loving this SportDOG in-ground fence system.

The brand SportDOG was established in 2003 by the Radio Systems Corporation which was from the same company owning brands like the Invisible Fence and PetSafe Brand.

Their aim is to create products that will stand up even to the harshest condition like those that are met by some hunters and their canine buddies.
Since the start SportDog created SDF-100A in-ground fence, the best system that has a waterproof collar which is the best when we talk about their durability.

What is distinct on this SportDOG is that it can cover for up to 100 acres which is known to be the biggest area of the electric dog fence on the market right now and it is the reason why it is a favorite for the people who are in need of a large installation.

This SDF-100A provides the strongest collars that are available on the market right now, it has a four progressive stages of a static correction and a beep Sportdog SDF-1ooA In-Ground Fenceand vibrate mode. Whenever you are running out of battery, no worries because it has an indicator which can tell whenever your battery is low already. It is also perfect for dogs who are weighing for more than 20 pounds. It has an audible and visual alarms. It has a lot of compatible collars that will makes you capable to mix and match up to the size of the suits and the characters of your dog. It can also handle a limitless number of dogs. What’s more is that it has a safety time out that can automatically stop static correction after for like 30 seconds. It also has an anti-linger function preventing the dog to intentionally drain your batteries.

Together with all those, you can also get a two year warranty that beats a lot of companies who only have a one year warranty.
What the dog owners liked about this product is that it is entirely customizable up to any size or shape so it will be able to fit a yard perfectly so there can be no complaints about SportDOG SDF 100A.

This system is perfect for any type of property and not like the other electronic dog collars, this SDF 100A is known for its toughness and due to the fact that this is fully submersible. These are two things that are very important for the dogs who are on the field.