PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

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PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

Dog plays an important role in your life that is why you want to buy the best thing for them. You are always after with their safety. It will be possible with the help of PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence. This product is one of your brilliant choices, especially if you want convenience with quick take down and set-up. It is also the best if you are fond of traveling with your dog. If you want to know this product, and then read, this article and be amaze of what you will discover.

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Features

• PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence has a waterproof transmitter neckline.
• It has separate levels of improvement.
• This product has long and short contact points designed for short and long fur of your dog.
• The system of PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence has portability feature.
• It has expandable boundary, which is useful to make corresponding circles.
• This product has an adjustable boundary size.
• PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence equipment includes; training and operating guide, power connector, test light equipment, PetSafe Radiofrequency Ablation-67 branded battery, fifty boundary flags, wireless receiver, and transmitter neckline.
• It has boundary switch, which increases signal.
• PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence has boundary dial control, which is use to good tune to the boundary size circle.
• It has pointer light, which allows you to know what the level of improvement of the neckline is.
• It has six to twenty-eight neckline sizes and it designed for 8lbs and above dog.
• This product has an automatic security shut-off.


• PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence expands the boundary size with extra wireless receiver.
• The transmitter neckline of this dog fence is waterproof.
• It covers a changeable circular zone up to 180 ft. in diameter (1/2 acre).
• This product is transportable and it is easy to relocate.
• It adds an unlimited quantity of pets with extra transmitter necklines without wires to hide.
• PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence works with “Stay N Play” transmitter neckline and wireless dog fence.


• The neckline battery of PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is branded and disposable.
• This product covers only up to 0.5 acres.
• It has circular limitations.

Customer’s Review

PIF300 PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is one of the best choices for them. This is the great dog fences for them. They use this even when they are traveling with their dog. They never failed to invest on the perfect product because it has an excellent features and quality. With this, they become assured about the safety of their dog. They are also amazed that through the help of this product, they can easily discipline their dog. The features of this product work effectively and perfectly.

Pet owner wants the best for their dog that is why you should consider PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence. If you choose to buy this product, you will be one of the satisfied clients. When it comes to the safety of your pet, you are 100% assured in this product. PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence will never disappoint you with its effectiveness. The features of this dog fence functions perfectly. There is no need for you to be worry because you are on the right place.