Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence Review

Motorola Home and Travel wireless dog fence is a portable dog fence system for pet training. This unit can establish an invisible wireless fence that ranges from up to 150ft line of sight from its transmitter. This is possible through the transmission of radio frequency signals (RF) to the collar unit of the pet that is within the designated area.

When your pet had reached the boundary zone which is about 2 – 3 ft. before the rue boundary, a warning beep will be transmitted to your pet’s collar unit. After the beep, a static correction will be sent to get the attention of your pet until he/she backs away from the zone of the boundary.

The collar unit of your pet in Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence is equipped with a safety feature that will automatically halt the delivery of static correction is still outside the boundary zone for over 30 seconds. You can try to use the boundary flags to act for you and your pet as a visual aid to make sure of the range of the boundary areas.

This portable dog fence system can be brought and use whenever you take your pet along with you because this is a portable system. This is perfect for camping, beach or anywhere you want to control or get your pets attention without much of your guidance. Also along with the package comes a pack of rechargeable battery pack to ensure that the system is kept fully charged and will continue to function in times of power outage while travelling. The Motorola Home and Travel wireless dog fence system can also be activated by using rechargeable AA-sized battery as an alternative power source. This wireless fence can operate from up to 36 hours with non-stop usage.

Features of Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence

Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence• Rechargeable RF Transmitter and Collar with 2.4GHz
• Corrections comes with 2 different types: Vibration and Waning Tone / Beep
• 15 Static Correction Levels or Options
• Can be used within 3 different dogs (requires an additional purchase of travel collars)
• Can also be used in both in indoors and outdoors areas (weatherproof)
• Can be installed on top of the table, wall or ground supplied stake.
• 100% portable that comes with a travel bag
• The invisible rechargeable fence can operate for 36 long hours.
• 30M fencing and 100M training operation range
• User’s Manual / Guide

The system package includes:

• 50 packs of 10-inches boundary flags
• Black travel bag with dimensions: 10.75×5.5×5.5 inches (LxWxH)
• Adapter and S/M/L contact points

It is recommended to perform the initial training period inside your home. Your dogs will definitely learn quickly in responding to warning zone before experiencing the static corrections when placed in new locations. With 15 options or levels of correction to choose from, you can definitely select the right and suitable level for your dog. For your information, the higher levels of correction can only be adjusted to your strong-willed or stubborn pets or during the most dangerous situations.