Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Pet Fence Review

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Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence

This Radial Shape 2 Wireless Dog Fence is considered as the industry’s most advanced DIY, containment system. It is the only wireless pet fence that can cover for up to 11 acres with an in home boundary breach alert and a broader Trigger Zone in keeping your dog to be safe all the time.

If you want to contain your pet safely, without them digging wires, well the Havahart Wireless Radial Shape 2 Dog Fence is known to be the very first dog containment which is wireless so it can safely contain your pet through establishing a radial wireless boundary that ranges from 40 up to 400 feet on any direction starting from the fence controller and the set up will only take you for a maximum of one hour.

The group of engineers at the Havahart Wireless used similar technology that was utilized by NASA in designing original wireless fence which is creating a boundary on the fence without the need to dig or use some wires. The distinct two way communication among the collar and the controller assist in helping your pet stay within the area of the fence boundary that you have created for him. This system has a broader trigger zone that was originally designed in maximizing the safety of your dog with a lot more time in making sure that he is going to stay only within the boundary you have set.

A broader trigger zone is providing your pet a more time in issuing a correction that provides him a chance in turning back to the roaming area. Whenever your dog reached the fence boundaries and continued to the trigger zone, its controller is going to send a signal to its collar in taking a corrective action through pulse or a tonal customizable correction. Whenever your dog is moving to the trigger zone, your dogs will not be corrected if they are about to go to the returning area. The wireless pet fence also has a feature like the time out of 30 seconds that was automatically built in the system for the safety of your dogs.

This system can hold for up to two dogs and it has the capability in customizing a correction level for every dog. An integrated motion sensor technology is assisting to conserve a rechargeable life of the collar battery whenever the collar is not able to move.

Always remember that the safety of your dog is the main priority of the Havahart Wireless. Before you are going to purchase and utilize the system, you must read all of the necessary safety precautions in making sure that you are going to be comfortable following all of the recommendations.
The proper training of your pet is known to be the most vital aspect to make sure a safe and positive operation of the Havahart Wireless Dog Fence. The training will take for three weeks for you to complete it. This will allow your pet a good time in understanding the trigger zone and the training flags that is connected with a correction issued by the collar.