Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence Review

The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence system is suitable for small-sized dogs because of the featured low correction levels, with the lightest receiver collar in the market. Each collar specifically weighs 2 ounces which make it applicable for dogs to toy breed sizes. The fence system is not just for small dogs. It is also appropriate for big dogs because the collars are compatible to the system. Dogs of different sizes can feel the benefits of the mentioned fence system. Great services are offered to the customers so the fence parts are being upgraded and improved.

There are several kits included when the customers consider the Elite Little Dog Fence installation at their home:

 PRO-grade Heavy Duty Surge Protection module
 10 PRO-Grade Dog fence staples
 PRO-grade 14- gauge twisted wire (50 ft.)
 PRO-grade 14-gauge wire (500 ft.)
 Owners’ manual
 Little dog receiver collar- it is also compatible with PIRF-100, which helps control the dogs from getting too near precious furniture and appliances at home. The collar also have a propriety PetSafe battery which can be used for a maximum of 100 days.
 2 wire splices
 Test light tool
 PetSafe RFA-188 3-volt battery
 Standard contact points- the elite little dog fence system has standard length contact points which are suitable for dogs of both short and average coat lengths. On the other hand, the dogs with long and thick hair also need long contact points. The standard contact points can be bought individually.
 50 boundary flags

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog FenceThe transmitter has desirable features such as:

 PetSafe Collars Compatibility- the whole system can be used for dog households of different sizes. For the small breeds, the PetSafe elite Little Dog PRO-grade system must be installed. For the medium and large breeds, PetSafe Deluxe receiver collar or PetSafe Stubborn Collar can be used. The correction settings can be adjusted and controlled so the individual needs of dogs can be given to them accordingly.
 Adjustable boundary zone width- the boundary zone’s width is initially for installations of 3 to 5 ft. the Elite Little dog fence system let the dog owners select their preferred boundary width. There seems to be no limit on how the dog can explore the whole area. The boundary width can be set for up to several inches until 10 ft. is reached. The dog can play on its desired space.
 25 acre capacity- The dog fence system can provide power source to approximately 25 acres. The installation becomes more effective with the help of various upgraded kits like PRO-grade 14- gauge twisted wire (50 ft.), PRO-grade 14-gauge wire (500 ft.), and heavy duty dog fence wire. The number of upgraded wire is for the 1/3 acre installation. A transmission switch can be found which helps on the selection of transmission strength.
With the above-mentioned features, it can be inferred that Elite Little dog In-Ground fence can be very beneficial to dogs of various sizes.